Rega solves 176.4KHz file issue

Rega has come out with a solution for its DAC's inability to decode 24 bit/176.4 KHz music files (See

According to this post (see below) in the pinkfishmedia site by Paul Darwin of Rega Research, all Rega DACs shipped from May onwards will be equipped with an update to handle 24/176.4KHz music files.

As for those who bought the earlier batches of Rega DACs, their overseas distributor will do the upgrade.


Hi Kdoot,

As I understand it, the 176.4khz sampling frequency has only recently been adopted and only by some hi-res sites.

It was not envisaged during product development that this was to be a usable sampling rate and as a consequence your Rega Dac may therefore occasionally have problems consistently locking onto a 176.4khz signal.

The good news is that all Rega Dacs dispatched from May 2011 onwards have an update to accomodate 176.4khz and, where appropriate, the update can be by done by Rega HQ or their designated overseas distributor.

Paul Darwin
Rega Research



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