KLIAVS: Franck Tchang's Liveline cables

Franck Tchang is a friendly guy who will share his knowledge with anyone.

The master of resonance Franck Tchang has become a familiar face in AV shows in Kuala Lumpur.

Franck Tchang will also be attending this year's edition of the KL International AV Show (KLIAVS) to be held in a few weeks' time as a guest of CMY Sound & Vision.

Most Malaysian audiophiles are familiar with his resonators made of precious metals like gold and platinum, but not many are aware that he has made some highly-acclaimed interconnects and speaker cables too.

And the technology involved is interesting and Franck is perhaps the only person in the entire world who can make the Acoustic System International Liveline series of cables since it requires deep knowledge of metallurgy.

ASI Liveline balanced interconnects.

The interesting thing is that his RCA interconnects can change the phase of the signal by simply reversing the direction of signal flow.

And a single RCA interconnect can be used as a digital coax cable.

So instead of asking him about his room tuning devices, Malaysian audiophiles should ask him to explain how his interconnects and speaker cables work.


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