KLIAVS: Active ATC and Ayre-y sound

Audiophiles who want to check out what active speakers are all about should go to the Hi-Way Laser room.

There will be a pair of ATC SCM 50 Anniversary active speakers connected to the ATC SCA 2 preamp and the AYRE DX-5 Universal Player.

Ayre DX-5 Universal Player

ATC SCM50 Anniversary active speakers.

ATC SCA2 preamp

Hi-Way Laser will also be offering ATC entry-level speakers (SCM7, SCM11, SCM19, SCM40) at 30% off during the KLIAVS.

The room will also feature the Trinnov ST2 Hi-fi Loudspeaker Room Optimizer, the MK Sound THX Ultra 2 Home theatre and KEF Q-Series speakers.


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