B&W Signature Diamonds: 50% off

B&W Signature Diamond speaker.

If you have RM50,000 hidden under your pillow, you can be the proud owner of the B&W Signature Diamond speakers.

Originally priced at RM100,000 a pair, the speakers are going at half price in conjunction with the B&W showroom at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, moving to a larger showroom in the same place.

The Signature Diamonds were made to celebrate Bowers & Wilkins 40th Anniversary and was a limited edition range released in 2006.

Shop executive Raj said they are selling demo sets of B&W speakers at discounts ranging from 10% to 13%.

"The T+A components are also selling at lower prices and the Arcam CD players and amps are also on sale at 10% to 13% off. There's an Arcam AVR 600 AV receiver on sale," Raj said.

Arcam AVR 600

The new B&W showroom is on the ground floor of Block J. It is situated opposite IACT College along the same row as Wendy’s.

"We plan to be in the new showroom by Aug 1," said Raj.


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