KLIAVS: Bryston SP3 preamp/processor debuts

Watch out for the launch of the long-awaited SP3 pre-amp processor from Bryston at AV Designs' room at  the KL International AV Show. Malaysian audiophiles will be the first in this region to have the chance to check out the Bryston SP3.

AV Designs will be setting up a Bryston/PMC system that can be used to demo both 2-channel stereo and 7.1 home theatre.

The Bryston SP3 preamp/processor.

A pair of the award-winning PMC IB2i standmounts will be used as the front speakers, the matching IB2i-C for the centre channel and four PMC Wafers for the surrounds. These speakers will be driven by Bryston amps (28B-SST2 mono-blocks for the front left and right speakers).

"For 2-channel stereo demo, we will be featuring the Bryston BDP-1 media player, paired with the BDA-1 external DAC, playing hi-res audio files and CD rips," said C.W. Low of AV Designs.

PMC IB2i speakers.

For home-theatre, there will be both 2D and 3D demos, all shown on a curved 130-inch wide 2.35 format screen from Screen Research. The 3D home theatre demo in particular will be another highlight from AV Designs as it is 3D done in an anamorphic 2.35 widescreen format, something we expect very few, if any, exhibitors will be showing, Low added.

Video will be handled by Pioneer blu-ray players feeding the signals to JVC's entry-level 3D projector, the RS40, which will be paired with an anamorphic expansions lens from Panamorph.

The PMC MB2-XBD active speakers will be put up on static display.


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