KLIAVS: Snapshots (Day 2)

On the second day, I headed straight to Perfect Hi-Fi's Linn room because I had to meet Gilad Tiefenbrun, the managing director of Linn, and I ended the day watching a 3D movie at the AV Designs room.

Linn Majik Isobarik speakers on demo.

The huge JBL Everest outside the Flagship AV room.

The CD stall was very popular.

Shopping for accessories.

All sorts of accessories were available.

Sonus Faber speakers on static display at the Perfect Hi-Fi room.

More Sonus Faber speakers on display.

Perfect Hi-Fi's main demo system comprising Audio
Research components and Sonus Faber speakers.

The Audio Research components.

Audio Research components on offer.

Pass Labs components on offer.

John Yew of CMY was a very happy man this year
as his main system sounded quite good .

Wadia CD transport and DAC beside the Clearaudio
Innovation turntable at the CMY room

CMY's main system comprising Dynaudio Evidence Temptation speakers, Jeff
Rowland Criterion preamp, Jeff Rowland 301 monoblock power amps, Wadia
CD transport and Wadia 9 Series Digital computer and mono DAC sounded good.

Clearaudio Innovation turntable.

Usher speakers on static display at the CMY room.

Focus Audio at the A & L Audio Station room.

Dali speakers and Unison Research amps.

More Dali speakers at the A & L Audio Station room.

Ol' blue meters...

Simon Choy posing next to the Focal Stella Utopia EM speaker.

AV Designs' James Tan fiddling around with the Bryston preamp.

AV Designs' Bryston-PMC system.

The Bryston SP3 preamp/processor that was launched at the KLIAVS.

The PMC active MB2/XBD speaker was on static display.


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