KLIAVS: Wisdom from Clarity

Clarity MP will feature a 7.1 AV system using Wisdom Audio inwall speakers and AV amp and Dream Vision projector at its room on Level 4.

TheWisdom Audio L75i inwall,
C38i centre and P20i rear speakers.

The system will comprise the Wisdom L75i inwall, the C38i centre and P20i rear speakers.

The AV amp will also be from Wisdom while the projector will be the Dream Vision Inti 2.

From the Wisdom Audio website: "The L75 can be used in in-wall (L75i), on-wall (L75m) or freestanding (L75) applications. These versions can also be mixed and matched for the specific needs of the installation. All versions are constructed entirely from aircraft grade aluminum. Slim and elegant in design, the freestanding and on-wall versions of the L75 blend nicely into a variety of décors where traditional loudspeakers might otherwise intrude excessively on the room’s appearance.

"Their clear anodized interlocking trim bezels and matte charcoal colored cabinet convey an exquisite balance of industrial design and build quality unique among consumer loudspeakers.

"The narrow aspect L75i in-wall design becomes one with the wall, via its paintable grill and bezel, while its all aluminum chassis and integral back box enclosure ensure optimal and consistent performance regardless of mounting environment.

"The L75 employs a 48-inch planar magnetic line source to reproduce everything above 275 Hz and four unusually robust, proprietary high operating pressure woofers for the bass. Incorporating true line sources is unprecedented among architectural speakers. Since true line source arrays effectively eliminate floor and ceiling reflections, they are ideal for large rooms or those with architectural challenges including cathedral or coffered ceilings, hard floors, etc.

Dream Vision Inti 2 projector. 

"The L75’s 48-inch tall line source driver complement allows for high resolution, low distortion and superior dynamic range. The result is highly detailed, dynamically accurate, genuinely effortless performance at any volume level."


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