KLIAVS: Snapshots (Day 1)

LG had a 3D TV on demo at the lobby of the hotel.

Live music at the Panasonic room

Trying out a pair of rechargeable 3D spectacles at the Panasonic room, 

3D monitor at the LG room.

Senior sales executive of Yamaha Alan Lee showing how
the iPod can be docked to the Yamaha Desktop Audio System. 

Speakers on offer at the Desa Home Theatre room.

The legendary Rogers LS3/5A

The Elipson music centre was really attractive and stylish.

John Y.S. Park, president of Pyon Sound from South Korea and
the  Ultima Tankwood Edition turntable that he designed.

LS3/5A guru Jo Ki's system now comprises FM Acoustics pre
and  power amps and Bryston digital music player and DAC 

Look at how Jo Ki has tweaked his system - note
the footers, crystal objects and marble slab.

Jo Ki and his FM Acoustics-based system. Many agreed
that his system had never sounded so good.

Eugene Ngoh and his Vitus-Marten system.

Furutech had lots of accessories on offer.

Max Loh of Maxx AV was a happy man this year as his Exposure-Krell-Triangle
system sounded good. Last year, he had a tough time dealing with the poor
room acoustics to demo his SVS sub-woofers. 

There's voodoo in the AV show. Voodoo cables on
display at the Audio Note room

The all-Audio Note system sounded very good indeed.


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