KLIAVS: Electrocompaniet, JBL and more from Flagship AV

Audiophiles will have lots to check out at Flagship AV's four rooms at the KL International AV Show.

> Manager of Flagship AV  Koh Yee Phok said the ballroom will feature the mighty JBL Everests in an AV system.
"There will be one more JBL Everest as centre speaker behind the 180-inch screen," he said.

The JBL Everest speakers.

The AV processor will be a Pioneer model while pre and power amplification will be Bel Canto models.
A second system comprising a pair of JBL Project Array speakers driven by Theta Enterprise monoblock amps connected to Theta Series 8 Gen 2 DAC/Preamp and a Theta transport will also be featured in the ballroom.
Both systems can be set up either for AV purposes or stereo listening.

> The second room wll feature an all-Electrocompaniet system driving Nordic Tone speakers.

The Nordic Tone speakers.

The Electrocompaniet Nemo power amp.

> In cooperation with Unicorn, the third room will feature Cambridge amps and CD player with Castle speakers.

> The fourth room will feature the JBL LS series speakers in a 5.1 AV system.


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