KLIAVS: Double treats from AVP Soundcraft

Singapore-based AVP Soundcraft, which opened an outlet at Jaya One a few months ago, is taking part in the KL International AV Show in a big way. It will have three rooms featuring double systems (the double systems in each room will be played alternately) while the fourth room will be dedicated to AV.

Room one:

There will be two pairs of German Physiks speakers on demo - the Carbon Mk IV and the Unlimited Mk II. The German Physiks Carbon Mk IV will be driven by the Sim Audio Moon Evolution series P8 preamp, W8 power amp and Andromeda CD player while the German Physiks Unlimited Mk II will be driven by the Sim Audio Moon series CD 5.3 CD player, P5.3 preamp and W5.3 power amp.

German Physiks Carbon Mk IV

German Physiks Unlimited Mk II

Sim Audio Andromeda CD player.

Room two:

Nagra CDC CD player, Nagra PL-L tube preamp, Nagra VPA tube monoblocks and the Verity Sarastro II speakers.

The other system will feature the Nagra MSA solid-state stereo amp driving Verity Audio Rienzi speakers.

Nagra MSA solid-state amp.

Verity Rienzi speakers.

Verity Sarastro II speakers

Nagra VPA monoblock amps.

Room  three:

Sim Audio Moon series CD1 CD player, i-1 integrated amp and 350P preamp and 400M monoblocks with Canton and Verity Tamino speakers.

Room four:

A 7.1 AV system comprising the Mitsubishi HC9000 3D projector with Marantz 7005 AV amp, Marantz Blu-Ray player and the Canton Chrono AV speaker system.

Mitsubishi HC 9000 projector.


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