Ready for 3D TV?

I had already watched 3D TV before last weekend's Kuala Lumpur International AV Show when Sony held a promotion in 1Utama shopping mall and I saw an animated programme on a Samsung 3D TV at Harvey Norman in The Curve shopping mall a few months ago.

At the KLIAV, the Panasonic, Sony and Samsung rooms showed both animated programmes and footages from the World Cup including Shakira singing Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) and some goals being scored.

I spent some time testing the 3D TVs in all the rooms as I wanted to find out how I would perceive 3D with the multi-focal ocular implants that I have in both my eyes (I had cataracts in both eyes).

I felt that the 3D footages of Shakira singing and gyrating and the goals scored were not that effective - the 3D effect was not that apparent. Often the images just seemed sharper than usual.

However, on animated programmes I could see the 3D effect very clearly.

I'm not sure if someone with normal eyesight would agree with me, but that's how I perceived it through my 'bionic' eyes.

Would I buy one? I really don't know. First of all, the 3D TVs available in the market are first generation and expensive.

Secondly, the normal deal is that you will get a free pair of 3D spectacles when you buy a 3D TV and an extra pair costs a couple of hundred bucks. That seems to be too much money to spend.

I think most people will wait and see.


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