KLIAV: For tube lovers

Valve enthusiasts will not be left out of the action at the KL International AV Show this weekend.

The beautiful - in terms of looks and sound - Unison Research amps will be making a comeback to the Malaysian hi-fi scene.

A & L Audio Station was appointed its dealer just weeks ago and Unison Research pre and power amps will be on demo in one of its rooms.

The system will comprise the Unison Research CD player, the Unison Research Reference Pre and Reference monoblock power amps driving a pair of Focus Audio Master 2.5 speakers.

The Unison Research Reference Pre.

The Unison Research Reference monoblock power amp.

In another room, A & L Audio Station will demo VTL amps driving speakers from the Dali Euphonia or Helicon II range.

A & L Audio Station will also be displaying the PS Audio PerfectWave Transport and matching PerfectWave DAC.

One of its rooms will be used to demo a HT system comprising NAD AV amps and Velodyne sub-woofer.


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