KLIAV 2010: FM Acoustics, finally

At last Malaysian audiophiles will have the chance to listen to the fabled FM Acoustics amplifiers.

This is the brand that many owners of high-end expensive huge, heavy and hot American amps have switched to.

FM Acoustics components are difficult to come by even if you can afford to buy them because there is a long waiting list (you have to book about a year in advance) and many audiophiles in Malaysia have heard about them, but have never heard them.

This year's KL International AV Show will be extra special because for the first time ever, FM Acoustics will be on demo.

According to Steven Ho of Absolute Hi-Fi, the system will comprise Audio Note's top-range CDT5 CD transport and Audio Note DAC5, FM 268 Line Stage, two pairs of the FM 111 monoblocks and an FM 411 MkII power amp, and Avantgarde Uno Nano G2 speakers. Speaker cables and interconnects will be from the FM Acoustics range.

The FM 268 Line Stage

The FM 111 Monoblock

The FM 411 MkII power amp

The Avantgarde Uno Nano G2 speakers.

Looks like there will be standing room only at Room 8008 on Level 8 of J.W. Marriott Hotel. Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the chance to hear the legendary Swiss-made amps for their first time.

The demo is a collaboration between Audio Note (M) Sdn Bhd and Absolute Hi-Fi.

Updated on July 19, 2010.


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