KLIAV: Another high-end system

Another high-end system to audition is the set-up in Centre Circle Audio's room.

It will be demo-ing a system comprising the Pathos Endorphin CD player, Parasound's critically-acclaimed Halo JC2 preamp and JC1 monoblocks and EgglestonWorks's huge Andra III speakers.

The Pathos Endorphin CD player.
Parasound JC2 preamp

Parasound JC1 monoblock power amp.
EgglestonWorks Andra III
For those not in the know, Parasound's top-end products are designed by John Curl (The 'JC' in the JC1 and JC2) who used to design amps for Mark Levinson. The legendary Mark Levinson ML2 amp is his design.

The set-up will be linked to the Isotek Titan power conditioner with powercords from JPS. Speaker cables and interconnects will be from Purist Audio Design.


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