Headphones galore!

 Headphone enthusiasts had a gala time at the KLIAV which took place last weekend.

The AV show saw the return of a well-respected headphone manufacturer and the debut of a dealer that specialises in headphones and headphone amps.

At the Acoustic Arts room, I was pleasantly surprised when I spotted a pair of Stax electrostatic headphones (Stax calls them earspeakers).

Apparently, Acoustic Arts became its dealer just weeks ago.

I tried the SRS-005 II in-ear system comprising the SR-003 earspeaker with its matching headphone amp but was not too impressed by it in comparison to a pair of Sennheiser HD650 that was placed next to it.

However, when I heard the SRS-2050 II system comprising the SR-202 earspeaker plugged to its matching SRM-252 II solid-state headphone amp, it was a totally different story. I recall being impressed by the Stax Lambda a long time ago and the SR-202 was just as impressive and I could hear all sorts of micro details. At RM2,800 with the headphone amp thrown in, it is a fabulous deal.

Testing the Stax electrostatic headphones.
Stax electrostatic headphones have always been praised for being extremely revealing and refined.

Looks like I will be heading to Acoustic Arts in Summit City in Subang Jaya to pick up a pair for review.

While I am in Subang Jaya, I will also check out Jaben Audio which is on Jalan SS15/8A.

Jaben Audio, a Singapore-based outfit which set up shop here recently, specialises in headphones, earphones and headphone amps. Its range of products include headphones from AKG, Alessandro, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, Etymotic, Grado, Ultrasone, Sennheiser and Westone; and headphone amps from Graham Slee, Lavry, Lehmann Audio, Meier, Ray Samuels and Yamamoto.

Headphone enthusiasts at the Jaben Audio room.

It made its debut at the recent KLIAV. At its room, I tried the Sennheiser HD800 and am now dying to compare it with my pair of HD600.


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