KLIAV 2010: Bigger this year

Full house - that's the latest update from Organising Chairman of the KLIAV Dick Tan.
This year's edition of the KLIAV will feature 12 more exhibitors than last year.

"It will be the largest KLIAV in recent years. If I recall correctly, only the shows in 2001 and 2002 were larger," he said.

Dick added that the market, especially the AV sector, has been boosted by the introduction of 3D LCD TVs and HD broadcasts on Astro B.yond.

There has been huge demand for larger Full HD LCD and LED (actually LED backlit) TVs from 40" and 42" upwards, he said.

Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic and Hitachi will have their booths set up. So you can expect specials on such TVs and plenty of 3D demos.

As for stereo fans, highlights will include TAD's flagship Reference One. Last year, these high-end expensive speakers were driven by Ayre components; this time Brystons will be used.

Another pair of flagship speakers to watch out for are the JBL Everests which are likely to be in a HT system.

To view the floor-plans of the KL International AV Show 2010, check this link: http://www.3dotevents.com/main.php?section=exhibitor&category_id=2&article_id=7


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