New media moves in

In the discussion thread, forumer auronthas commented that: "From my observation of this year's show, it is delightful and interesting to see more Network Media Players or Digital Stream Players or Music Servers such as Linn, PS Audio, Bladelius, etc."

This trend of computer-based music taking over the industry was seen even in last year's Kuala Lumpur International AV show when Rave demonstrated their Weiss DAC, Gryphon amps and Wilson Benesch speakers with an Apple MacBook and in Norman Audio's room, a MacBook was also used to demonstrate the Ayre QB-9 USB DAC while CMY Audio & Visual used a Naim HDX Harddisk player.

This year, Linn demonstrated its range of Digital Stream Players with an iPad while in one room, the Bladelius Embla was used to stream music files. Interestingly, the product that made Linn famous - the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable (in its Majik form) - was on static display beside the Klimax DS digital stream player as if to symbolise the paradigm shift in music source.

Ol' skool Linn Majik LP12 turntable beside
 the component that is touted to replace the CD player
as music source - the Klimax digital stream player.
The iPod was also seen being used as music source in several rooms including a CMY Audio & Visual room where the Wadia 170i Transport iPod dock was in operation.

However, of interest was the Yamaha AirWired Micro Component System which came in attractive colours.

With this Yamaha system, you just have to plug the iPod into its transmitter-dock and the music can be broadcast wirelessly to several AirWired players simultaneously with the iPod acting as source and volume control. To charge the iPod and transmitter-dock, you just have to plug the unit into a charger dock on top of the AirWired speakers. The sound was quite good too.

In Akada Corporation's room, the boss K.T. Ng showed off Nakamichi's latest Mysoundspace iPod dock player.

Akada Corp's K.T. Ng showing how portable
the Nakamichi iPod docking station is.
Akada, which made its debut at the KLIAV, had just been appointed the dealer for Nakamichi and it was also the first time in many years that Nakamichi products were seen in the AV show.

Old-timers will recall that Nakamichi made some of the best cassette players extant in its heyday.


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