KLIAV: Sonic heaven from Vitus/Marten

Audiophiles should be salivating by now - this year's KL International AV Show promises lots of high-end systems.

One more 'must-hear' room is Audio Matic's. Remember its number: 7006.

It will feature the Vitus SCD-010 Mk II CD player, the Vitus SL-101 Mk II preamp, the Vitus SS-101 Mk II power amp and Audio Matic's latest product, the Euro Audio Team (EAT) Forte S turntable.

Speakers will be the latest from the Marten Heritage series called Getz.

Euro Audio Team Forte turntable
Vitus SCD-010 Mk II CD player
Vitus SS-101 Mk II power amp
Marten Heritage Getz speakers
Accessories include the Vitus SP-102 phono stage, the Furutech Flex series speaker cables and interconnects, Powerflux power cord and Vitus Andromeda power cord.

The entire system will be hooked up to a Furutech Daytona 303 Multi-Mode AC Filter/Power Distributor.


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