KLIAV 2010: Snapshots

A complete Naim system at the CMY Audio & Visual room.

Ayre components and ATC speakers at the Hiway Laser room.

Linn speakers, amp and music streamers at the Perfect Hi-Fi room.

Steven of Absolute Hi-Fi posing next to FM Acoustics monoblocks.
The speaker is the Avantgarde Uno Nano G2 speakers.

These Pioneer speakers use TAD components.
They were on demo at Flagship AV's room.

The good-sounding Marten/Vitus system at Audiomatic's
 room. Note the vinyl spinner from Euro Audio Team.

Bargains at Tong Lee's room

TAD amps, CD player and speakers at AV Designs' room.

Checking the prices of Marantz components
at the Wo Kee Hong room.

Colourful Micro Component AirWired systems from Yamaha.
Eddie Tan of Asia Sound showing off
his Rega and Thorens turntables.
Avatar was played in numerous AV showrooms.
This was at Desa Home Theatre.
There was a large crowd at Desa Home Theatre.


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