KLIAVS 2012: Jo Ki's room

For the past few years, almost everyone has good things to say about Jo Ki's room.

Audiophiles have also kept track of his upgrade path from Quad valve amps to FM Acoustics.

But the speakers have remained the same. They have to be. Otherwise he would not be called the LS3/5A guru.

Jo Ki  at the KLIAVS last year.

This year, the LS3/5A Club Malaysia will be in room 8040 and his system will feature Rogers 60th Anniversary Edition, Bryston BDP-1, BDA-1, FM Acoustic FM155 pre, FM108 power amps, AB-1 and REL Stantor II sub.

Jo Ki is also considering demo-ing the Playback Design SACD player (which can be used as an external DAC) to compare DSD and DXD.

I was at his house a few weeks ago to listen to the comparison and found it most interesting and I certainly hope Jo Ki will decide to hold the demos for the benefit of other audiophiles.


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