KLIAVS 2012: Lethal mix - Avantgarde and vinyl

Avantgarde Duo horn speakers.

Avantgarde preamp

Avantgarde power amp
Wilson Benesch Full Circle turntable with ACT 0.5 tonearm.

Wilson Benesch The Ply cartridge.

Vinyl addicts should head to the Audio Note Malaysia room where the all-Avantgarde system will be on demo.

The turntable system will comprise a Wilson Benesch Full Circle turntable with Act 0.5 tonearm and The Ply cartridge matched with the FM Acoustics 122 phono linearizer.

This system looks set to be exciting because it will be an Avantgarde XA preamp and XA power amp driving the Avantgarde Duo horn speakers.

Obviously I will spend much time in this room.


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