KLIAVS 2012: New kid in town

There is a new hi-fi dealer in town and it's called Absolute Transmission which has a showroom at Setia Walk, Puchong.

The showroom is being renovated, but the company will be at the KLIAVS 2012 later this month.

Its owner Steve says it will showcase Absolute Transmission cables, Astin Trew (a new British company that makes amps, CD players and DACs), Da&t USB DAC/headphone amp/preamp, ALR Jordan Speakers, Daveson Full-Range speakers, Guizu racks and speaker stands and Pisu-18 Studio Recording audiohile pressings.

Absolute Transmission cables.

Astin Trew integrated amp.

Da&t USB DAC/headphone amp/preamp

Daveson full-range speakers.

"We are lucky and happy to own the recording by Mr Pisutichai Yeo. He is a real serious audiophile. Let us share with you the reasons," Steve says.

Absolute Transmission will be in Room 7009.


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