KLIAVS 2012: Watch out for Beyond Frontiers Audio

Watch out for a totally new brand (which is effectively a continuation of an old brand).

Confused? Remember Sonic Frontiers from Canada? I know some people who are still using Sonic Frontiers pre and power amps.

What happened was that the company was sold and the new owner paid more attention to the Anthem range while the higher-end Sonic Frontiers faded away.

A group of ex-employees of Sonic Frontiers have set up a company called Beyond Frontiers Audio (BFA) based in Canada with manufacturing facilities in Serbia.

They have linked up with Acoustic Alchemy as its Malaysian distributor.

The BFA Tulip hybrid integrated amp/
DAC will be on demo.

At the KLIAVS 2012, BFA will be showcasing its Hybrid Integrated Amplifier SE, balanced SS Integrated Amplifier and balanced Tube DAC.

The BFA electronics will be demonstrated with various loudspeakers from Triangle in Room 8033 (Level 8).


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