KLIAVS 2012: High-end CD player designed by Malaysian

Designer of the Loit Passeri CD player Kam Lup Yoong.

The high-end Loit Passeri CD player.

One of the surprises of the KLIAVS was that a high-end CD player on demo was actually designed by a Malaysian who is now a PR of Singapore.

The CD player is the Loit Passeri and the designer is Kam Lup Yoong, who hails from Johor Baru and whose parents are still living there.

He explained that the motor is a Philips CD-Pro 2 which is attached to an aluminium frame which rests on gel isolaters.

"The power supply is also well designed with the analogue and digital circuits individually separated from the power transformer," he said.

Kam also explained that the patented current to voltage converter uses a pair of 6H30 valves and that the CD player uses carbon fiber as its 'skin'.

Certainly the Loit Passeri looked and sounded impressive.

I had to ask him why the player was made in Singapore and he said it was because the project was funded by the Singapore government.

"But I'm from JB, and I still go back regularly to visit my parents," he said.

Actually I felt at once proud and sad - proud because a Malaysian (by birth) could design such a CD player, but sad because Kam is a fine example of brain drain.


  1. I am the owner of LOIT. Thanks for the compliment for Loit Passeri. I have some thought after seeing this blog. I am definitely proud to be Malaysian, and people know me where am i from.
    There are many factors making LOIT to be a Singapore company......music is no borders, so system should also be the same way.


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