KLIAVS 2012: Long list of firsts

Malaysian audiophiles were lucky enough to hear some components that made their debut in Malaysia at the KLIAVS 2012.

Among these components were:

* the Weiss Medea+ DAC
* the Weiss MAN301 Music Archive Network player (both in the  Rave room)
* The Beyond Frontiers Audio Tube Balanced DAC (it made its Asian debut)
* the Loit Passeri CD player
* the Ktema Accordo standmount speakers
* the Avantgarde pre and power amps
* Marten Byrd 2 speakers
* Sonus Faber Aida speakers
* Sperling Audio turntable
* Bryston BHA1 headphone amp
* the Wyred 4 Sound media streamer
* Dali Epicon 6 speakers
* Dali Fazon F5 speakers
* Wilson Benesch Vector speakers
* Exposure DAC

Weiss MAN301 media player and Medea+ DAC

Wilson Benesch Vector speaker

Beyond Frontiers Audio Balanced SS integrated amp

Beyond Frontiers Audio Balanced Tube DAC

Beyond Frontiers Audio Violet hybrid integrated amp

Loit Passeri CD player

Wyred 4 Sound media streamer (left)

Volent speakers

Avantgarde preamp

Avantgarde power amp

Sonus Faber Aida

Bryston BHA1 headphone amp

Sperling turntable with Ikeda tonearm and Ikeda cartridge.

Eugene of Audiomatic standing beside the Marten Byrd 2.

The Dali Epicon 6 and Fazon F5 speakers.

Unico 50 hybrid amp.

Unison Research Simply Italy SET valve amp.

Ktema Accordo 

Some components that were new to the Malaysian market were on static display. These included:

* Beyond Frontiers Balanced solid-state integrated amp
* Beyond Frontiers Violet hybrid integrated amp
* Volent CL2i and CL3 speakers
* Unison Research Simply Italy valve SET amp
* Unico 50 dual mono hybrid amp


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