KLIAVS 2012: Visiting luminaries

Every year the KL International AV Show will attract visitation from the International AV community.
We have confirmation that the following personnel will be attending the KL International AV Show 2012 in support of  their products sold here in Malaysia.

You may want to talk to them at their respective distributor’s booth/room.  They are:

Todd Garfinkel, MA Recordings
Distributor: OceanWay Audio
Room: 8001 -  Level 8

Aurelie Gonzalo, Triangle
Distributor: Maxx Audio Visual
Room: 8031 – Level 8

Frank Denson, Well Tempered Labs
New Zealand
Distributor: Electrades Audio
Room: 7031 – Level 7

Ansgar Sperling & Michael Bonninghoff
Sperling Audio,
Distributor: Swedish Statement
Room: Starhill 4 – Level 4

Gao Longyi, Dared,
Distributor: Luen Hing Electrical, Hong Kong
Room: Bintang 3 – Level 3
Bosko Pjescic & Adrijan Sabolcki,
Beyond Frontier Audio,
Distributor: Acoustic Alchemy
Room: 8033 – Level 8

Bartholomeo Nasta,
Opera Speakers,
Distributor: Audio Perfectionist
Room: 8037 – Level  8

Mario Binner, Audio Note (UK)
Distributor: Audio Note
Rooms: 8008 - Level 8 and 7007 - Level 7


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