Glass and goo

There were a couple of products that caught my attention at the KL International AV Show. No, they were not the sound systems that cost a couple of hundred grand.
There was this booth that featured a piece of glass that could turn from being transparent to opaque at the click of a switch. That was cool.
The guy manning the booth said you can install the special glass in your office and you can still look out and see what kind of trickery your staff are up to - sending SMSes, putting on make-up, chit-chatting, etc - and when you need to make a presentation, you just turn on the switch and convert the transparent glass panel into an opaque screen for your projector.
Since you are the boss, you can even watch a movie while your staff continue, er, working.

Erica Tham of Beacon Multimedia Systems
Sdn Bhd holding a bottle of Screengoo

Another cool product was this special paint called Screengoo. It looks like thick white paint; in fact it is a specially formulated highly-reflective acrylic paint designed specifically for the video projection industry.
Simply paint any indoor or outdoor surface with it and turn a wall, a piece of cloth, a glass panel, a metal sheet, a building facade or anything into a screen. How about painting the wall of your living room for your home theatre projection system?


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