Sunday, July 31, 2011

KLIAVS: Snapshots (Day 2)

On the second day, I headed straight to Perfect Hi-Fi's Linn room because I had to meet Gilad Tiefenbrun, the managing director of Linn, and I ended the day watching a 3D movie at the AV Designs room.

Linn Majik Isobarik speakers on demo.

The huge JBL Everest outside the Flagship AV room.

The CD stall was very popular.

Shopping for accessories.

All sorts of accessories were available.

Sonus Faber speakers on static display at the Perfect Hi-Fi room.

More Sonus Faber speakers on display.

Perfect Hi-Fi's main demo system comprising Audio
Research components and Sonus Faber speakers.

The Audio Research components.

Audio Research components on offer.

Pass Labs components on offer.

John Yew of CMY was a very happy man this year
as his main system sounded quite good .

Wadia CD transport and DAC beside the Clearaudio
Innovation turntable at the CMY room

CMY's main system comprising Dynaudio Evidence Temptation speakers, Jeff
Rowland Criterion preamp, Jeff Rowland 301 monoblock power amps, Wadia
CD transport and Wadia 9 Series Digital computer and mono DAC sounded good.

Clearaudio Innovation turntable.

Usher speakers on static display at the CMY room.

Focus Audio at the A & L Audio Station room.

Dali speakers and Unison Research amps.

More Dali speakers at the A & L Audio Station room.

Ol' blue meters...

Simon Choy posing next to the Focal Stella Utopia EM speaker.

AV Designs' James Tan fiddling around with the Bryston preamp.

AV Designs' Bryston-PMC system.

The Bryston SP3 preamp/processor that was launched at the KLIAVS.

The PMC active MB2/XBD speaker was on static display.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

KLIAVS: Return of two brands

At least two brands made their comeback to the Malaysian hi-fi scene.

One was Electrocompaniet which was on demo at the Flagship AV room. It had been many years since this brand was last heard or seen in Malaysia.

The Electrocompaniet system.

The other is the Anthony Gallo range of speakers. These speakers are well-designed (some are spherical) and sound good to boot.

Anthony Gallo Reference 3 speaker.

Alex Lim of Creative AV brought in the Anthony Gallo range of  speakers.
Note the small spherical Anthony Gallo Nucleus Micro speakers in front of him.

They have been brought into Malaysia by Creative AV Sdn Bhd, which used the speakers including the Reference 3 in a 5.1 AV system.

KLIAVS: Launch of Rega RP3 turntable delayed

Unfortunately, the Rega RP3 turntable could not be shipped to Malaysia in time for the KLIAVS.

Kim S Tay, Rega's head of marketing for Asia, said Rega tried to rush production for the show, but unfortunately could not meet the deadline.

He said it could take another month before the Rega RP3 turntable can be in Malaysia.

However, Asia Sound has a pleasant surprise for vinyl addicts - they managed to bring in two J.C. Verdier turntables - the La Platine Verdier (RM26,000) and the La Nouvelle Platine (RM16,000). Both have already been sold.

La Nouvelle Platine turntable.

La Platine Verdier turntable.

KLIAVS: Snapshots (Day 1)

LG had a 3D TV on demo at the lobby of the hotel.

Live music at the Panasonic room

Trying out a pair of rechargeable 3D spectacles at the Panasonic room, 

3D monitor at the LG room.

Senior sales executive of Yamaha Alan Lee showing how
the iPod can be docked to the Yamaha Desktop Audio System. 

Speakers on offer at the Desa Home Theatre room.

The legendary Rogers LS3/5A

The Elipson music centre was really attractive and stylish.

John Y.S. Park, president of Pyon Sound from South Korea and
the  Ultima Tankwood Edition turntable that he designed.

LS3/5A guru Jo Ki's system now comprises FM Acoustics pre
and  power amps and Bryston digital music player and DAC 

Look at how Jo Ki has tweaked his system - note
the footers, crystal objects and marble slab.

Jo Ki and his FM Acoustics-based system. Many agreed
that his system had never sounded so good.

Eugene Ngoh and his Vitus-Marten system.

Furutech had lots of accessories on offer.

Max Loh of Maxx AV was a happy man this year as his Exposure-Krell-Triangle
system sounded good. Last year, he had a tough time dealing with the poor
room acoustics to demo his SVS sub-woofers. 

There's voodoo in the AV show. Voodoo cables on
display at the Audio Note room

The all-Audio Note system sounded very good indeed.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

KLIAVS: Need you ASK for more?

There will be a very interesting amplifier on demo at Audiomatic’s room - the Bladelius ASK.

It is the only two-in-one amplifier in the world - it has a normal Class AB and a Class D amp. So you have the choice of switching to the Class D amp to save energy or for a different sonic signature.

Bladelius ASK amplifier.

Bladelius Embla

Marten Duke speakers.

From the Bladelius website: "It's a unique power amplifier, for the first time Bladelius can now give you the possibility to get audiophile sound with 'Green' thinking. We have included one 2-channel Class AB amplifier and one 2-channel analog Class D amplifier.

"The analog amplifier is based on the famous Bladelius Ymer power amplifier, which has got lots of excellent test reports from all over the world. The ASK plays music with the same energy and resolution; we have just made it a little bit smaller in size and power. High current capability, Jfet on the input stage, high speed / low distortion gain stage and 16 high speed super linear output devices, are just a few of the technical building bricks that we are using.

"The class D amplifier is our way to make it possible to get great sound even when you are thinking of saving power. The Green Mode can be used when you have a situation where you want to save power and don't need to use the full potential of the amplifier. To make the amplifier even more 'Green' we have also included two different standby modes. One mode for best sound directly when you turn on the amplifier and one that needs more 'warm-up' time before it gets up to full performance and with a standby power consumptions down to 0.5 watts."

The ASK amp will be driving a pair of Marten Duke speakers while music will be from the Bladelius Embla silent music player controlled by the newly-launched iPad app.