A musical experience with ProAc

David Amey explaining the technology used
 in the making of the flagship ProAc speakers.

CMY's "A New Musical Listening Experience with David Amey of ProAc" turned out to be more music than talk.

On Sunday afternoon, about 25 audiophiles turned up at CMY Audio & Visual's showroom in Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, for the musical experience.

David Amey, head of DNA Marketing which markets ProAc speakers worldwide, actually did very little talking and let the flagship speakers, the ProAc Carbon Pro Eight, do the "talking".

The mood was quite casual and David talked about the usage of carbon fibre by ProAc and how advantageous it was for the factory to be near hitech firms that make carbon fibre components for F1 motorsports.

After that short speech, the ProAc Carbon Pro 8 started to "sing", which was what the audiophiles turned up for anyway.

Audiophiles who turned up for the ProAc/CMY event.

During my previous session with the speakers (http://hi-fi-avenue.blogspot.com/2009/12/proacs-best-act.html), they were driven by Jeff Rowland pre/power amps.

Yesterday, Naims were used. The CD player was the Naim CDS3 with power supply while the preamp was the NAC 552 and the power amp was the NAP 500. Speaker cables were the ultra-expensive Siltech Emperor Crown while interconnects were from Naim.

When the Jeff Rowlands were used, I noted that the ProAc Carbon Pro 8 speakers lacked that last bit of bass grunt that would have made them really great speakers.

With the Naims, that sonic weakness disappeared. When Pink Floyd was played, there was no lack of bass punch and when a classical piece was played, the fortississimo parts were delivered with great slam.

It was clearly evident that the ProAcs matched fabulously with the Naims. Together, they created music of a quality achievable only by a handful of systems.

Light refreshments were served and while some audiophiles nibbled on the sandwiches, others took the opportunity to ask David to reveal more about ProAc's technology and designs.

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