Coming soon: Rega's skeletal plinth turntable

A new tone arm will be launched soon

Looks like Rega is exploring the benefits of the skeletal plinth.

There are various schools of thought regarding plinths - one is for lightweight ones while the other is for heavyweight ones.

Thus you have the aluminium or acrylic types versus the granite or marble types.

There are some manufacturers who have opted for skeletal plinths to solve the problems caused by vibrations.

Clearaudio Master Reference AMG Wood CMB Turntable, Clearaudio Innovation Wood Turntable, Clearaudio Master Solution and Solution models, Creek Wyndsor Turntable, the JA Michelll Gyro SE and TechnoDec and the Pink Triangle Tarantella are some of the turntables which were based on this design philosophy,

In Rega's recent Xmas magazine, there is a section called 'A sneak peek into 2010 prototypes' and there is a picture of a skeletal plinth which looks like it's made of carbon-fibre. It looks absolutely stunning and I'm sure every Rega fan would be waiting with bated breath to find out how it sounds.
The skeletal plinth of the new Rega turntable.

There is also a new tonearm in the making, a new Brio integrated amp and a DAC. The white drive belts will also be a permanent feature and this year will also see the launch of the valve version of the ISIS CD player.

Rega fans can expect lots of innovative things for them this year. Watch this space!

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