AudioFile reviewer Shahriza Hussein dies at age 66

I've just returned from the mosque in Kampung Melayu, Old Town, Petaling Jaya, where a group of friends bade farewell to an old buddy Shahriza Hussein who passed away last night. He was 66.
Shah was well known in the car industry because he was the publisher of several motoring magazines.
He was also well known in hi fi circles because he used to review components for AudioFile in The Star.
I had known him for many years and will fondly remember him for his keen interest in stereo and sound quality.
If I recall correctly, he had a limited edition Luxman L570Xs Class A amp and a pair of Thiel CS2.1 speakers.
Recently, he wrote a book entitled Legacy.
He left behind a wife and two children.


  1. my condolences to his family. i've heard of the man by reputation though unfortunately did not have the opportunity to make his acquaintance. may he rest in peace.

  2. my condolences....from Victorian


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