KLIAVS: Snapshots II

An audiophile kneeling down to have a closer look at the
 huge KEF Reference 207.2 speakers in the Perfect Hi-Fi room.

Wilson Sasha speakers with dCS Puccini CD player and clock,
 Audio Research Anniversary Pre and Goldmund Telos 250
 monoblock amps at the Perfect Hi-Fi room.

CMY Audio & Visual's flagship system - ProAc Carbon Pro 8 speakers,
Naim pre/power amps and Clearaudio Master Reference turntable.

Clearaudio turntables were on display
at the CMY Audio & Visual room on Level 4.

The sound of Golden Sounds.

The Epos Encore 50 speakers and the BAT VK150SE
 power amp and BAT Rex pre in the Acoustic Arts room.

 The big component in the middle is the BAT solid-state 6200 amp.

Stax returns to the Malaysian scene. Testing Stax
headphones in the Acoustic Arts room.

Bladelius CD player and amp and
Chario speakers at the Audiomatic room.

Theta Citadel amp and the Opera Tebaldi speaker at the Ong AV room.

YG Acoustics speakers, Jungson CD player and
Audio Space valve amp at the Audio 88 room.

Wadia CD player and iPod dock at the CMY Audio & Visual showroom.
Dynaudio speakers and Jeff Rowland pre/power
amps at the CMY Audio & Visual room.

British Sound - Sam Chan of Tropical Audio
posing next to a Harbeth speaker.

British Sound - Spendor speakers and Sugden
amps at the Electrades Audio room

Cables and accessories on sale on Level 4.

The massive Chario Serendipity speakers and
 Classica Audio amps at the Soundtech Hi-fi room.

Beautiful tubes of the beautiful Unison Research amp.

The Unison Research valve amp driving Elac
 speakers at the A & L Audio Station room.

Experiencing the NAD/PSB home theatre system
 at the A & L  Audio Station's room.

Ol' Blue Meters (of McIntosh) at Audio Perfectionist's room.

The Mark Levinson/Revel system at Flagship AV's room

Watching 3D programmes at the Sony room.


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