Zu and Kudos speakers

Zu Audio Omen Def.

Zu Audio Omen Essence.

Zu Audio Soul Superfly.

Speakers from two companies that are relatively unknown in Malaysia are now on demo at Asia Sound, Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya.

From the United States are Zu Audio speakers which are high-efficiency (in the region of 98dB) designs which are just right for the low-powered Single-Ended Triode fans.

Zu Audio speakers use proprietary paper-coned full-range speaker units complemented with tweeters.

Asia Sound has brought in the Zu Audio Omen Essence (RM25,000 rrp), Omen Def (RM16,200), Omen (RM7,850) and Soul Superfly (RM15,700).

The Zu Audio-modified Denon 103 MC cartridge is also available at RM2,300.

From England is a range of speakers from Kudos.

Asia Sound brought in the Cardea C20 (RM18,500), the Cardea C2 (RM11,000), the bookshelf Cardea C1 (RM8,800) and the mini floorstanders X2 (RM6,500).

Kudos Cardea C20 (right pair) and Cardea C2 speakers.

Kudos X2 mini floorstanders.

Kudos Cardea C1 bookshelf speakers.

If the Cardea C20 and the C2 remind you of Neat speakers, it's simply because the designer - Derek Gilligan - was previously working for Neat. Not only that, Kudos was at one time owned by Neat Acoustics before it went independent helmed by Derek.


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