Perfect Hi-Fi in Amcorp Mall

There I was on the escalator going up from the ground floor of Amcorp Mall when suddenly I spotted a new hi-fi showroom right next to Asia Sound yesterday.

The glass door was locked and I peeped in and spotted some Linn and KEF speakers.

Then I spotted someone walking out of a room and he saw me and opened the door.
I walked in and saw Nordost cables and a Linn DS system.

These brands are distributed by Perfect Hi-Fi and I thought the man was a dealer. So I asked him if he sourced his stuff from Perfect Hi-Fi.

"This is Perfect Hi-Fi. It's their newest branch," he said.

"Oh? When did this showroom open?" I asked.

"Today," he said. It was so new that the signboard was not even put up yet.

After that I introduced myself as a hi-fi blogger and he introduced himself as Jepson Teoh, the store manager. We started chatting about the financial health of Perfect Hi-Fi and that business must be booming.

The outlet also has an AV demo room featuring a Pioneer AV system with Sonus Faber speakers. Later Pass Labs amps will be used in the AV system.

Jepson Teoh can be contacted at 012-3930263.


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