New den for vinyl addicts

CMY has opened a showroom just for vinyl addicts.

Looks like Amcorp Mall's position as the centre of vinyl has been taken over by CMY Audio & Visual.

The new den for vinyl addicts is in Sungei Wang Plaza, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

On the first floor, CMY (which still has a showroom on the Lower Ground floor) has taken two lots (F014 and F015) which are dedicated to turntables and LPs.

According to the boss John Yew, there are already 3,000 records there.

A vinyl lover looking for something to add to his collection of LPs.

You can spend hours browsing through all the LPs.

The audiophile pressings are displayed on the wall.

Chinese albums are available too.

There is a section for classical music.

"Another 5,000 LPs are in the store room and will be placed on display at the new showroom in the next couple of days. Next week, another shipment of 1,000 records will arrive," he said.

There are used and new LPs in the showroom and the new ones are mostly audiophile 180gm and 200gm pressings.

Music genres include jazz, pop, rock and classical. There are also some Chinese albums.

Used albums are priced from RM49 to RM99 each while the audiophile pressings cost from RM98 to RM180 each. There are also some box sets priced at about RM700.

On demo at the new showroom, which opened in mid-October, are stereo systems based on Clearaudio turntables.

The star system comprises the Clearaudio Master Reference turntable, T3 tonearm and Da Vinci V2 MC cartridge, Clearaudio Reference phono preamp, Jeff Rowland Corus pre, Jeff Rowland 312 power amp and Dynaudio Sapphire speakers. Shunyata cables are used throughout this system.

The main demo system.

The Clearaudio Master Reference turntable with
T3 tonearm and Da Vinci V2 cartridge.

The other turntable-based system comprises the Clearaudio Champion, Clearaudio Balanced Phono preamp, Naim pre and power amps and the Naim Ovator 400 speakers.

CMY's new showroom also has an AV room featuring a 2.35 screen, projector with anamorphic lens and a Dynaudio/Primare AV system.

Vinyl addicts who live in Petaling Jaya need not feel left out because the CMY showroom in Damansara Utama still has some 2,000 LPs in stock.


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