LG is ahead in 3D TV

LG Electronics's Hongsoo Kim
Playing a 3D video game on the LG TV.

LG is ahead of everyone else as far as 3D TV is concerned.

During the recent KL International AV Show, other manufacturers were showing their latest rechargeable 3D glasses while LG revealed its passive 3D glasses which are actually polarising lenses.

Not only do they need no batteries, but they are cheap. While the other active 3D glasses can cost RM200-RM300 per pair, LG is offering theirs at RM99 for five pairs. (It was even cheaper during the show.)

LG's 3D technology is ahead of the competition.

With the 3D TV technology offered by others, the 3D effect is lost when you look at the screen with your head tilted sideways. With LG's technology, you can look at the screen from any angle and the 3D effect will still be apparent.

Since the LG 3D glasses do not switch on and off alternately, the viewer will not experience eye fatigue or headache.

LG Electronics' product marketing manager Hongsoo Kim said the LG 3D television can convert normal programmes to 3D.

"While other companies have similar products, LG's 3D TV has more layers of (virtual) depth. LG has 20 layers while others have only 10-15," he said.

LG has also launched a computer monitor screen which can create 3D effects without the need to wear special glasses, but the product is available in South Korea only for the time being.


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