It’s about the tone

Mario Binner had a large and varied
selection of demo CDs at the show.
“Other brands have their own character, but not Audio Note. With Audio Note, it’s about the music, it’s about the right tones,” said Mario Binner, senior engineer of Audio Note UK, who was in Kuala Lumpur for the recent KL International AV Show.

I mentioned that I noticed that an all-Audio Note system sounded good.

Mario said it was because Audio Note places emphasis on getting the tones right.

Audio Note’s aim is to have the instruments and singers sound like what they do in real life.

The natural tones, hues and dynamics of the instruments and singers are reproduced by all Audio Note components - that’s why an all-Audio Note system sounds good.

“You said so yourself,” Mario added.

I have to admit that I have heard Audio Note amps driving other-brand speakers and Audio Note speakers being driven by other-brand amps, but all these systems did not sound as well-matched as an all-Audio Note system.


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