KLIAVS: Snapshots (Day 3)

On the final day, I visited all the dealers that I had missed out on the first two days and revisited a few like the Audio Note, CMY, AV Designs and Audio Perfectionist rooms.

And luckily, Manager of Absolute AV Gallery Ong Liang Heng, who was at the Audio Note room, asked me whether I had listened to the Ktema speakers otherwise I would have missed that room since it was tucked in one corner of Level Four.

I ended the show with Alvin Tan of Perfect Hi-Fi obliging me by changing his system from Audio Research components driving Sonus Faber speakers to the same components driving the Wilson Sophia 3 speakers which turned out to be a better match.

Spendor speakers and Sugden Masterclass
components at the Electrades Audio room.

A nice surprise at the Electrades Audio room - a Well-Tempered
Simplex turntable with 'golfball' tonearm and a Ringmat.

There were lots of LPs on sale.

The ATC SCM-50 Anniversary active speakers sounded very good with
the Trinnov ST2 Hi-fi Loudspeaker Room Optimizer at Hi-Way Laser's room.

Another pleasant surprise - Made-in-India Rethm Saadhana speakers at the
Hifi Soundtech room. They were driven by an Accuphase E400
integrated amp and the CD player was the Spark 40.

Elac speakers driven by hybrid Unison Research CD
player and amp at the A & L Audio Station room.

Xavian XN360 speakers and Atoll CD player, Atoll pre and
power amps, and synthesis DAC at the Desa HT room.

Mr Harbeth himself - Sam Chan and his wee
little Harbeths driven by, of course, Quads.

CMY's John Yew was a very happy man indeed because the systems
in all his rooms sounded good. This room featured the 
Jeff  Rowland
Corus preamp, Jeff Rowland 625 power amp and Clearaudio Master
Reference turntable with TT-2 and Universal tonearms, Clearaudio
Goldfinger MC cartridge and Dynaudio Sapphire speakers.

CMY's senior product adviser W.M. Chua and his all-Naim system.
Like all Naim systems, it sounded lively and dynamic.

The German Physiks speakers at the AVP Soundcraft room.
Business was good for the dealer because both pairs of speakers
were sold and several Sim Audio components were also sold.

The Acoustic Solid turntable at AVP Soundcraft.

Several Sim Audio components were sold.

The Nagra Mythical 300B amp was also sold.

More realistically-priced items from Epos and
Creek were available at the Acoustic Arts room.

Joseph Audio Pulsar speakers, BAT CD player
and pre/power amps at Acoustic Arts.

Spotted at Acoustic Arts was the Walker Velocitor power line enhancer.

The usual items on sale at Tong Lee.

The system I almost missed - the Ktema speakers driven by Orpheus pre and
 power amps, Orpheus CD transport with EMM Labs DAC and
Yter and Orpheus cables at the Audio Definition room.

Mark Levinson media server and monoblock amp at
Clarity MP. The amp was on static display.

This arty-looking sculptural block is actually
the Wisdom processor and amps for Clarity MP's AV system..

Finally, Alvin Tan of Perfect Hi-Fi obligingly setting up a system for me by
substituting the Sonus Faber speakers with the Wilson Sophia 3
driven by Audio Research components. It turned out to be a good match.


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