Voiced to be musical

Egglestonworks' director of sales
Jim Thompson posing next to the Andra III.

There was no conscious intention to make Egglestonworks speakers work especially well with rock songs, said Jim Thompson, the director of sales and owner of the American speaker firm.

"We voice the speakers using a variety of music," he said in reply to my observation that the Egglestonworks Andra III sounded great with rock songs but lacked finesse for classical.

At the Kuala Lumpur International AV show, the Andra IIIs were driven by Parasound pre/power amps with CDs spun by a Pathos CD player and while this system did not exhibit the rock attitude that I had noted when I heard the speakers driven by Modwright pre/power amps and an Esoteric CD player at Centre Circle Audio's showroom, it was pretty obvious that they seemed very at home with rock stuff.

Even Jim agreed when I pointed out to him that the rock demo songs being played sounded particularly good compared with other tracks.

"Yes, I can see where that is coming from..but it was not intentional," he said.

Jim added that Egglestonworks speakers are voiced to sound accurate, musical and balanced.

The speakers use bass and mid units from Morel and tweeters from Dynaudio while Egglestonworks make the boxes and crossovers.

On how the industry is faring, he said the US market is not as strong as before while Asia is strong.

In Europe sales in some countries like Russia, Italy. Germany and United Kingdom are quite good.

I told him that PSB (http://hi-fi-avenue.blogspot.com/2010/08/future-is-wireless.html) are working on wireless connections and active speakers and I asked if Egglestonworks was heading that way too.

He replied that they had talked about making an active speaker once, but it never took off from there and wi-fi is not in the list of things to do at Egglestonworks.


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