Active ATCs on demo

Hi-Way Laser branch manager Kenny Sin
next to the huge ATC active speaker
For the first time in Malaysia, audiophiles can listen to a pair of active ATCs.

ATC is famed for its studio monitors and for making the best midrange dome unit - the SM 75-150S - in the world. It is also one of the top active speaker manufacturers in the world.

Hi-Way Laser has brought in a pair of SCM 100SL AT and they have already been 'warmed up' since they arrived about a week ago.

The amps are at the rear of the speaker.
Note the heat-sink.

The ATC SCM 100 SL AT is
as big as a small fridge.

Branch manager of Hi-Way Laser Kenny Sin said he is so impressed by the sound quality that he will no longer bring in passive ATCs other than the entry-level models like the SCM7, SCM11, SCM19 and SCM40.

He has one last pair of passive SCM50 in his showroom and once they are sold, he will bring in only active models.

I had a quick listen on Wednesday and I can say the SCM 100SL AT were most impressive sonically, but visually they are not the sexiest speakers around.

They are huge, big and 'fat' boxes that look like small fridges and do not appear to be able to please the wife, but the sound quality may just 'seduce' her to overlook the unattractiveness of the 'obese' speakers.

I hope to spend more time listening to them and post a proper review, but you can always drop by Hi-Way Laser in SS2 Petaling Jaya and find out for yourself whether ATC deserves all that praise.

Kenny Sin said a pair of SCM 100SL AT in Yew finish would make you RM92,499 poorer while a pair in Black Ash is cheaper at RM85,899 (list price).

"They are made to order and you have to place an order three months in advance," he said.


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