Getting accepted as top regional show

Though there were comments that this year's crowd at the Kuala Lumpur International AV (KLIAV) show was smaller than last year's, the show organiser stated that statistics showed otherwise.

"We sold 650 more tickets than last year. More than 10,000 tickets were sold and we gave out 3,000 complimentary tickets," said Dick Tan of 3Dot Events Sdn Bhd, the organiser of KLIAV.

He said the turn-out on Friday (the opening day) was better than last year while there were fewer people on Saturday.

"I was told there was a traffic gridlock in the Bukit Bintang area on Saturday. But the turn-out on Sunday was the same as last year," he said.

Overall, the 17th edition of the show was quite successful as it featured more exhibitors and there was a record number of principals who turned up which suggests that manufacturers are beginning to view the KLIAV as a top hi-fi and AV trade show in the region.

One major AV projector manufacturer event tried to get into the show at the last minute, but all rooms were sold out.

"Epson called up just before the show, but it was not possible to accommodate them. But they said they are keen to take part in next year's show," Dick said.

As for sales, Dick said one AV exhibitor reported more than a million ringgit worth of components sold while a hi-fi dealer said he sold about RM60,000 worth of turntables and amps.

Dealers have been reporting sluggish sales so far this year, so the KLIAV gave them a chance to boost their sales and improve their presence. It also provided them with the platform to launch their new products.


  1. Which region are you talking about, if one is talking about S.E Asia, then maybe. But not compared to the scales of HongKong's, Taiwan's, Guangzhou's, Tokyo's, Malaysia is still far away from the very top

  2. I'm talking about South-East Asia. You're right. In the Far East - Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and China are more important and much bigger markets.


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