More on the Rega P10 turntable

It is getting to be a bit like completing a jigsaw puzzle...

From a bit of information I found on, the uber Rega turntable is likely to be called P10.

The publisher of TONEAudio Magazine located in Portland, Oregon, posted yesterday at 6.04pm (US time): "That plinth (referring to the picture of the skeletal carbon-fibre plinth that I had posted earlier) is the P10 prototype that I heard last summer. They made it a point to tell us that that was only a working concept and could be the way the P10 ends up or could be something completely different. They also said that an arm above the RB1000 would also be part of this turntable concept."

The publisher will be visiting Rega in two weeks' time and will be meeting up with Roy Gandy. Presumably, he will ask Roy about the uber turntable and we can expect more info soon.

Looks like even as Rega are moving towards perfecting their uber turntable for release, hi fi fans are getting more and more details about it and becoming more excited too.

LATEST: Roy Gandy announces the launch of the Rega RP8 and RP10 turntables. Plus Rega's ultimate 40th Anniversary turntable. Click

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