Tapestry of love

Leslie Loh sitting in front of his beloved
Maggies elaborating on his mission.

Leslie Loh (centre) chatting with
some of the reporters in his house.

Leslie Loh, aka maggielurva in hi-fi circles, is a young man in a hurry. He wants to prove a point - that a Malaysian producer can come up with a world-class audiophile CD.
He has done an audiophile CD before - 2V1G - which was quite well received.
His second effort, Love's Tapestry, is more ambitious - he roped in renowned and versatile guitarist Roger Wang and Malaysia-based Filipino singer Gina Panizales who is no stranger to the cool crowd in KL/PJ.
The songs are love tracks from the 1970s and 1980s - Just Tell Me You Love Me, Just Once, Still, I Won't Last A Day Without You,  I Will Never Love This Way Again, I Honestly Love You and others.
It took him three months in the studio to finish recording the album with the help of another audiophile, Joseph Ki.
Aiming for high standards, they settled on top-end equipment like the Neve analogue mixing console and AKG microphones, and to ensure that he could get the type of sound he loved, Leslie brought along his top-notch Stage III silver/pallladium interconnects.from his home rig.
And he flew in Doug Sax from The Mastering Lab to do the mastering.
On Wednesday (Dec 16) he invited some journalists and music dealers to his Bandar Utama home for an informal launch.
A few days earlier, he had held another launch at CMY Damansara Utama for audiophiles and music lovers.
In his cosy house, Leslie talked about his dream to have a world-class audiophile CD for the global market and his aim to reach out to younger music lovers through well-recorded pop songs.
"Next year, we plan to have four CDs out," he said. Work on a jazz CD has already begun.
Released under his poppopmusic label, Love's Tapestry is pressed in Hong Kong and will be distributed in Malaysia and Singapore by Interglobal Music (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Leslie Loh (left) with Cheah Mun Kit,  managing
director of Interglobal Music (M) Sdn Bhd.

Some 2,000 copies, including 1,000 limited editions, will be available in record shops soon.
The limited editions, which will have more elaborate packaging and serial numbers, will be priced at RM62.90 each while the normal CDs will retail at RM42.90 each.


  1. i've been a big fan of your blog since i found out about it. After seeing Maggielurva's Maggies, i've fallen in love! how much do they cost? and where in malaysia can i get them?

  2. Warmest congrats to Leslie on his audiophile CD. I've got a question though, what do you think of SACD? Is it overrated? Would it be worthwhile getting a SACD player?

  3. joseph,
    the problem with sacds is that there are not that many players that can play them. marantz is one of the few companies still making cd/sacd players.
    also there are not many sacd disks in the market.
    my view is that the music and hi fi industries are heading towards hires downloads. that, i think, is the future...

  4. gibran,

    leslie's cd shld be in the music shops by now. RM42.90 for the normal edition and R62.90 for the limited edition. try victoria music or cd-rama

  5. gibran,
    if u r referring to the maggies, try absolute hi fi. as for cost, i'm not sure. could be RM20k...

  6. With the annoyingly slow download speed in Bolehland, hi-res downloads will probably take some time to establish itself here so I think CD playback will still be here for a good while. When asked what will high-end hifi source components look like in 2020, Ricardo Franassovici, Founder and MD of Absolute Sounds said, "Vinyl and CD playback will sit alongside solid-state drives and music/media servers."


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