ProAc Carbon Pro Eight speakers have arrived

The much-awaited ProAc Carbon Pro 8 speakers have arrived.
They were sent to CMY Damansara Utama two days ago and are now being run in.
According to CMY senior product adviser W.M. Chua, the ProAc Carbon Pro Eight speakers are being driven by the same components that were used for the Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition - the Jeff Rowland Criterion preamp, Jeff Rowland Power 312, and the French CD 5 player from Metronome Technologie.
The speaker cables are Siltech Emperor Crowns while interconnects are Acoustic System LiveLine and Siltech SQ110. Power cords are Siltech Ruby Hill and the power supply is connected to an IsoGray system.
Chua said the ProAc speakers should be ready for auditioning by audiophiles from next week.
He added that the exact price has not been worked out yet, but it should be in the region of RM150,000.
Meanwhile, the Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate Edition speakers have been sold. Those who did not have the chance to hear them missed out on something great and they should ensure that they don't miss out on auditioning the new flagship ProAcs too.


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