Show highlights

Just like in previous shows, the current KL International AV Show has the usual budget and mid-priced components and the high-end gear that most visitors to the show cannot afford.

There was some good music at the show and among the outstanding systems are:

> The Gryphon Mirage pre and the Colosseum power amp matched with the Wilson Benesch ACT C60 (limited edition) with songs fed by a MacBook linked to a Weiss Minerva DAC.

The tower-like component is not the speaker, but
the Gryphon Colosseum power amp.

> The McIntosh system comprising the MCD500 SACD/CD player, C500 pre and MC1.2 KW monoblocks and the XRT1K tower speakers.

The McIntosh XRT1K tower speakers

> The Marten Bird speakers matched with Bladelius Saga pre, Ymer power amp and Embla CD player. Sexy things from Sweden.

Sexy stuff from Sweden

> Best of British 1 - Harbeth Super HL5 speakers matched with the Quad 66/606 pre-power amp and the Quad CD 66.

> Best of British 2 - Naim HDX Hard Disc player with NAC 252 pre, NAP 300 power amp and three power supplies driving ProAc D28 speakers.

> Best of British 3 - Sugden Masterclass CD player, Sugden Masterclass integrated and Spendor A6 speakers.

> German Physiks Carbon Mk IV speakers with Moon by Simaudio amps and CD player. This system impressed many audiophiles.

The special driver of the German Physiks speakers

> Wilson Sasha speakers with Pass Labs XP20 pre and X600.5 monoblock power amps and the three-piece DCS Scarlatti CD system.

> TAD Reference 1 with Ayre pre/power amps and CD player.

TAD's one great speaker

> Vitus amp and CD player with the Marten Coltrane Supreme main towers and sub-woofer.

> Dynaudio Confidence C4 with Jeff Rowland Model 312, Criterion Pre and Copland CDA822.


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