Meridian at KL AV show

DSP8000 Digital Active Loudspeaker
DSP8000 - Meridian's flagship digital active speaker

After an absence of one year, respected British manufacturer Meridian will be back at the KL International AV show 2009.
Steven of Absolute Hi-Fi, who is bringing the brand to Malaysia, said the following components will be on display at the show.

DSP8000 - this is Meridian's flagship three and a half way digital active speaker featuring eight custom drive units, one 150W power amplifier per bass speaker pair and 100W amplifiers for midrange & tweeter. Its inputs feature SpeakerLink balanced digital (2ch, RJ45), S/PDIF unbalanced digital (2ch, phono) and 32kHz–96kHz sampling rates. Its audio processing
has FIFO memory buffer input for the lowest possible jitter from almost any source, four 24-bit D/A converters, and all upsampling and processing is performed with a 150MHz digital signal processor (DSP)

DSP7200 - the first of Meridian’s DSP Loudspeaker models to include the company’s new SpeakerLink input/output interfacing architecture, featuring balanced drive and RJ45 connectors for simplicity and elegance of installation via CAT-5 cabling. It also features a new, proprietary, upsampling filter that makes CDs and DVD soundtracks sound better than ever.

DSP5200 - this is available in vertical format either as pairs or as a vertical centre speaker for surround applications. A DSP5200HC horizontal centre version is also available for installation under a screen.

DSP3100 - they are ideal for use as surrounds for a Meridian DSP-based system, and they are ideal compact second zone speakers in a Meridian multi-room environment. With S/PDIF digital inputs at up to 24-bit, 96kHz, they can also be used as high-high-end computer loudspeakers. The extremely accurate characteristics of the DSP3100 and M3100 also make them eminently suitable for studio monitoring applications, particularly as near-field or surround monitors in recording and mastering facilities. They are equally suited for use in a smaller stand-alone system in a study or bedroom.

G61R Surround Controller- at the heart of the G61R is a powerful DSP engine delivering 900MIPS (million instructions per second). Processing is performed at high sample rates and with 48-bit precision throughout, ensuring that all filtering, processing and other operations are carried out far above the limits of human hearing. The G61R is ideal for the very latest in digital audio. For superior audio quality, incoming analogue signals are converted to 24-bit, high-sample-rate digital data via multibit Delta-Sigma converters as soon as they enter the processor. All digital signals are re-clocked to minimize jitter and maintain total data integrity.
The G61R combines controller and surround processor functions, meeting the latest THX Ultra 2 specifications and including the latest superb-quality AAC, MPEG, DTS, Dolby, Trifield and Ambisonic decoding.

F80 with i80
The F80 - the Ferrari mini compo

F80 - this is the "mini compo" designed in collaboration with Ferrari and it comprises a CD/DVD player, AM/FM/DAB radio and alarm functions. Combine this with the i80 with universal dock for iPod to realise the full potential of your digital music library. The F80 is available in five Ferrari colours and the i80 is available with matching clip-on covers.

Control 10
The Sooloos Control 10

Sooloos Control 10 - this the first of a new generation of Sooloos devices which provide touch interface to interact with your media library as well as high-quality digital audio outputs. It features a high-contrast 17-inch LCD display, resistive touch panel, and CD mechanism for importing music. The Control 10 connects to other Meridian Sooloos devices by Ethernet and features a 17-inch touchpanel display, offering a large, rich, social experience of the Meridian Sooloos interface, as well as S/PDIF Digital and Meridian SpeakerLink audio outputs for connection to your audio system or Meridian DSP Active Loudspeakers. Like all Sooloos components, the Control 10 connects to the system using standard TCP/IP Ethernet, using either the supplied Neutrik EtherCon connectors or any CAT5/5e/6 cable with RJ-45 connectors. The Meridian Sooloos system gives you centralised access to your collection of CDs and digital audio files, at full lossless quality, wherever you need it. From living room to kitchen, bedroom to patio, kids' rooms to media room, Meridian Sooloos will let you browse and play your central library throughout your home.

A Meridian projector will also be on show.
Steven said the prices have not been finalised yet. He added that a Meridian showroom will open in Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, Selangor after the show. The shoplot is being renovated now.


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