In Norman Audio's room

Avalon Acoustics NP Evolution 2.0

At the KL International AV Show 2009 to be held at JW Marriot Hotel, you can expect to audition integrated amps and entry-level Avalon floorstanding speakers in Norman Audio's room.
The components would include:

Avalon Acoustics NP Evolution 2.0 speakers
Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier
Ayre CX-7e/CX-7eMP CD player
Ayre QB-9 DAC
Crystal Cable (depending on what's being used)
Krell S-300i integrated amplifier
Manley Stingray (with remote & iPod dock) integrated amplifier
Micromega CD10 CD player
MIT cables
MIT Z-Powerbar power conditioner
YBA YA201 integrated amplifier
YBA Passion 100 Integre integrated amplifier.

You will enjoy savings as all the demo equipment used in the show will be sold at attractive discounted prices.


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