JBL Array: Unexpectedly civilised

Manager of Flagship AV Koh Yee Phok posing
next to a JBL Project Array 1000 speaker.

After having heard the 'sonic rollercoasters' called JBL Everests, the JBL Project Array 1000 speakers seem rather civilised in comparison

In fact, they are very suitable for two-channel listening. I spent only a short time listening to them at Flagship AV in The Waterfront@Parkcity, Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur, but I was already quite convinced that they were not larger than life like the Everests.

Essentially, the JBL Project Array 1000 speakers have horn-loaded mid- to high-frequency compression drivers placed vertically instead of horizontally above the woofers.

When placed horizontally, the emphasis is on widening the dispersion of sound and enlarging the sweet spot and is perfect for huge halls, but when placed vertically on top of the cabinet to make it almost free-standing, the aim is to reduce baffle diffractions and side-wall primary reflections and is great for smaller rooms.

The horn-loaded mid is placed vertically
 Note the horn-loaded tweeter on top.

The result is a much smaller soundstage, smaller images and less in-your-face sound (compared to the JBL Everests) that is actually quite pleasant.

However, the extreme transparency and detail of the mids and highs mean top-notch amplifiers and music source must be used. The Array 1000 speakers are that revealing.

Manager of Flagship AV Koh Yee Phok said the Array 1000, which costs RM30,999 a pair, comes with a matching sub-woofer that is sold separately. And they are part of an AV set-up with rear and centre speakers.

At the moment, the JBL Array 1000 speakers are hooked up to a stereo system, so if you are keen to find out if a vertical horn placed on top of a box with a woofer works, head to Flagship AV for an audition.

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