KEF has not gone paperless

KEF is one company that has not gone paperless in this new world of e-mails, SMSes and tweeting.

The respected British manufacturer of speakers is still utilising paper to make many of its speaker units, even those used in its high-end models.

While other companies are using ceramics, carbon fibre, diamond, titanium and beryllium, KEF still believes that paper is very suitable for the cones of speaker units.

"Paper is best. It is light and stiff," said Franco Lock, senior business manager of GP Acoustics (HK) Ltd, who is in charge of marketing KEF speakers in the Asia-Pacific region.

He said KEF will continue to develop its Uni-Q technology as it has worked very well.

Franco Lock, senior business manager of GP Acoustics (HK) Ltd,
showing the range of colours that the customised
KEF reference series speakers will be available in.
Franco added that the audio market in the region is divided into two categories - stereo and AV. Malaysians, for example are more involved in two-channel listening while Singapore is an AV market.

"Malaysians are more traditional - they enjoy listening to music," he said.

South Korea is another country where two-channel listening is strong while Australia is more of an AV market.

India, which has an increasingly large number of affluent people, is also an AV market, but audiophiles there tend to invest in a pair of high-end KEF speakers - something from its reference series - first before buying the rear and centre speakers.

Franco, who was in KL for the recent Kuala Lumpur International AV Show to meet his Malaysian distributor Andy Tan of Perfect Hi-Fi, said KEF will offer its reference series in 12 bright and breezy colours reminiscent of the Rega P3-24 turntables.

He said people now don't just want good sound but they want the speakers to fit into their interior decor schemes.

However, there will be a 15% premium for the customised speakers.


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