New M2Tech distributor

Finally there is a more established distributor of M2Tech products in Malaysia.

Brooklyn Sonar/Trident Entertainment announced that it has completed the transition from the former distributor of M2Tech products in Malaysia to emerge as the Exclusive Distributor for All M2Tech components in Malaysia and India.

The M2Tech Young DAC.

The M2Tech HiFace

Look out for the Young DAC which is 32bit/384 KHz capable. Other components to test are the HiFace EVO line and the HiFace 2 which is Linux compatible and needs no driver for Mac OS.

Soon to come is the Vaughan Flagship Super DAC 32 bit 384 kHz Asynchronous with eight Quantum Filters per Channel with Preamplifier Function and Headphone Amp.

Currently one can audition M2Tech components at:

Selangor/Kuala LumpurAcoustique Systems Amcorp Mall (Contact C.N.Lim - 012-3393738)

Ken Hi FI (Ken 012-3652673)


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